• Someday I'll write that book

  • Someday I'll lose that weight

  • Someday I won't be so overwhelmed

  • Someday I'll have a better relationship with my kids

  • Someday I'll follow my passion

Consulting Coaching is a process which combines the ability to devise actionable plans while offering the accountability to achieve your goals

  • Having trouble getting along with your co-workers or boss?

  • Need to accomplish that goal that you can't seem to finish?

    • (write that book, lose that weight, get that degree, change that job)

  • Overwhelmed and overworked? Priorities out of line?

  • Find that your days are all blending together and nothing to show for them?

  • Just need a plan and someone to hold you accountable?

  • Stuck in a job you are not passionate about? Want more?

Hiring a consultative coach could be your solution.

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"I wasn’t sure what the future held, and I didn’t have any clue where to start."

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Consultative Coaching cures the "somedays".

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Please note: Melani only takes on a few clients each month.  You will, however, receive an answer to your request with the next available timeframe.